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Surely one can imagine the pangs of writing and handling another job on the side, but meet a lady who has proven the odds quite wrong. We interview Miss Odunayo, the nutritionist and now an author on her new baby, ‘What Should I be Eating?’ Miss Odunayo born Odunayo Abdulai (25) tells Virtue magazine that the birth of her book was unplanned.

I guess it’s true when they say if you wait for motivation to write you aren’t a writer, but a waiter. “I noticed a huge gap and gross misconception in the knowledge my clients had about eating healthy.”  That is when she decided to open that laptop and start typing a book, a short guide of how her clients and other readers could understand eating healthy habits a bit better. The drive of pursuing the book was further reinforced with the value her clients placed on the idea and it’s capacity to educate others too.

Miss Odunayo also shares her journey when writing the book of which she highly proclaims that she, herself also had to experience the power of nutrition- from Dr., to patient style. She stakes how she was able to get rid of belly fat in record time of which she had struggled to terminate for a long agonizing time despite her countless efforts that  manifested little results. Now ladies we all know how stubborn that love handle is hard to purge.

But now, Miss Odunayo has introduced the power of a diet and how it can fend for all the unwanted fat with a self-testimony about how it maneuvered her back into shape.

Can we all thank her for her obsession with nutrition? Because she has a running company, OptimumFoodie that prides itself in helping thousands of people achieve their body and health goals. Wow!

“Becoming an author was a means to the end of educating people on how to eat healthy and lose weight on Nigerian meals,” she adds.

On a daily, how does your day look like?  “My regular day starts around 7am with some devotion and what follows is  showing up for a support group dedicated to my clients so as to offer them daily enthusiasm before they kick start their day. Most of my day is filled with phone calls and creating custom meals at the other side of the line, creating content and designing new products and working on market campaigns.”

Isn’t it amazing how committed she is to the benefit of her clients? We all know how exercising and diets get stressful, but Miss Odunayo is clearly doing things differently- exploring healthy habits in a fun easier way.

Miss Odunayo also shares her childhood and how she fell in love with writing besides nutrition. She grew up in a family that didn’t take academic excellence as a joke but as a motivation to do better. This even extended to her graduating top of her pharmacy class. She created a strong will for writing when she spent most of her teenage years editing her father’s books, who is also an author; and even writing a few chapters in them. It comes as no surprise that writing was a birth right she embraced beautifully.

She is able to establish her brand and her book through the power of social media but even so, she does open up that doing strict business online is a challenge including fraud. “I believe my book has helped over a thousand people to achieve some level of weight loss.”

At 25, who would ever think of helping anyone achieve their dream body, well certainly, Virtue magazine has introduced you to Miss Odunayo- believe me, everything is possible. The struggle of being a woman, let alone an overweight woman in the continent is a silent, less talked about crisis but Miss Odunayo ‘s book, apart from other reasons, was also designed to help women reach a healthy and confident size. This is encompassed by her own experiences and frustrations she incurred while trying to lose a few pounds.

Firstly I believe women have a  need to become more aware of their self-worth and the value they have to offer, it is a lot more than looking pretty or skinny.”  Powerful words! She also adds that when a woman is at this state of mind, remarks about her look have a lessened effect on her self-esteem and it is the responsibility of every man or woman to take care of her health at all times- this includes a healthy weight, exercise and managing stress effectively.

Apart from being a health and nutrition guru, Miss Odunayo also enjoys late night movies at the cinema and she is obsessive with investigative series. My!What a lethal combination! Miss Odunayo concluded with promising to write a recipe book this year of which she is excited about. She is also working towards an app that serves her clients with better and fresh ideas-education on the go.

What Should I be Eating is on its 2nd edition and it is available in both print and e-book.

The e-book is purchasable on as well as on Amazon.

The print is available at leading pharmacies in Nigeria, including Health Plus, Med Plus, Nett and Bydow to mention a few for only N3000 ($10)








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