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Ways to spruce up your hot chocolate this Winter

Even though hot chocolate is admittedly already pretty great to begin with, we’ve rounded up six great tips for making your at-home cup of comfort even better.

1. Make your own… from scratch!

If you have a bit time on your hands and don’t like the powdered stuff, opt for DIY. All you need is your favorite bar of decadent chocolate and some warm milk. If you’re looking for a more indulgent experience, try a can of Ideal evaporated milk instead. For more inspiration, try this  Peppermint Crisp hot chocolate recipe.

2. Add your favorite cream liqueurs

A dash of your favorite cream liqueur can completely transform your hot chocolate. Try Amarula, Kahlua or even a tot of Sally Williams liqueur. You could even try this spiced up rum hot chocolate to up your game.

3. Add some marshmallows

It’s a classic addition to any hot chocolate. Kids love it and we know you do too. Toss in a few of your favorite colors and enjoy. (Brûléeing is optional but delicious!)

4. Hazelnut spread

We’d encourage using a long spoon when doing this. Line the inside of your mug with as much hazelnut spread as you like (we’re partial to the more, the better), prepare your hot chocolate in a separate cup, then pour it over into the mug lined with the spread.

5. Whipped cream is your friend 

Generous amounts of whipped (dairy or coconut) cream can give your hot chocolate final touch that it needs. Add some vanilla or almond essence to the cream before whipping, or simply use the canned version to create a fancy tower.

6. Spice it up

Add a dash of nutmeg, chilli flakes or cinnamon to your mug to add a delightful, spicy taste to your hot chocolate.

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