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The Force behind Morali’a Monethi Farms

Virtue Magazine is celebrating Women’s month and as part of the celebration we have chosen to notice and acknowledge women who make it women’s day all year round. Meet our very own Agripreneur and the brains behind Morali’a Monethi as she shares how it feels to be a woman rising in the corporate world.

Relebohile Monethi (30) is undeniably a woman who is determined to rise despite the conditions. Not being able to complete her university degree was a big step she took in drawing closer to her passion which is Agriculture. Even with the countless times she failed over and over again, she was not willing to let go.  It was a seemingly difficult transition to adapt to but she found it in her wit to allow herself to grow into it especially if she knew it ran in her blood.

“It was a natural thing for me to dive into agriculture as I grew up-either collecting sheep, watering the garden or sleeping with chicks in the bedroom.

Her adoration for Agriculture reflects in her life daily- she radiates to the idea of the feel of soil in her hand or how much she loves a seeing a seed bud, bloom and bear fruit. Most importantly, how she has come to acknowledge the depth of knowledge agriculture teaches about life.

This became evident when she was no longer afraid of slow or even almost non-existent progress. This strong space she has built for herself encouraged her to give the world Morali’a Monethi Farms which is a brand that takes pride in providing quality products, processes and services.

Morali’a Monethi is a product of energy and love in its purest form. Miss Monethi’s love for animals and plants is what continues to nourish her business. She herself believes in the power of energy and how much it spells growth for everything she believes in.

“I have a genuine love for animals and plants. I talk to my animals and I talk to my plants.”

She founded what we know as Morali’a Monethi Farms to see Lesotho thrive in producing quality services, being part of the visionaries of our time that knew nothing about fear but of trying and risking it all. Basotho can now have affordable and a readily accessible quality product they can proudly proclaim as their own through the driven passion of Miss Monethi.

She started off by rearing 200 chicks and 50 green pepper plants, and as soon as she noticed the budding and the growth form her initial yields she knew she was on to something and ever since she has been chasing to grasp that ‘something’.

Being a woman on it’s own serves as challenge, now imagine being a woman and being an entrepreneur all at once? Through more stories of women in business including that of Relebohile Monethi, it can’t be all that bad, in fact, it must be exciting. She shares how much needed it is to develop a thick skin and how fundamental it is to know who wants you to win and who wants you to fail. She sees herself as a bigger and better learned businesswoman than she was in 2015.

Through relations and more positive energy that have taught her and today’s business woman to be ready to reinvent herself and her brand to offer the market what it needs.   

“Lesotho has an incredible pool of talented and driven women and I am excited at collaborations and relationships I am building and will continue to build.”

Ladies remember that tribe of women inside you that stand up for you when you fail to do it yourself? Miss Monethi mentions and thanks the support of her mother who carried her along with her dream when she was fresh out of university with no degree. Her mother along with her maternal grandmother and her sisters helped her and believed in her. When she was ready to transition the farm into a shop, she brought in Florence Banda who did not only serve as a partner but as a prayer partner, store manager, a personal assistant and a pillar in the most trying times.

Surrounding yourself with people who protect your spirit is much needed.

She continues to get rid of everything that strains her financially, mentally, emotionally and physically. Also remembering that her business is now it’s own person and she must refrain from any personal conditions that may affect the growth of her ventures.

It’s amazing how chasing a dream teaches you so much.

Her being a mother and a businesswoman taught her more about how she could best let herself thrive by letting her child be his own person while she continues to pursue her dreams so she could give him something bigger than just being her mother. Her son, Bohlokoa highlights importantly also in the opening of her shop. Motherhood has rooted an unshakable woman inside of her, empowered her s much that she made a kid’s corner at her shop. Her family, Bohlokoa’s husband included, who also served an important role in co-parenting and building the woman she is now.

She would also like to thank her business partner, Florence, her clients and The Gags and Music team that continue to breathe innovation into her shop, showing her how to do things differently as their slogan serves.

Miss Monethi urges women to embrace the flaws as they are a chance to grow and learn.

“It is not the end of the world to lose money and people. Just don’t lose you.”


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