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From modelling to TV presenting to girl boss in the making and in vast progress- meet the feisty flame that is miss April the Barbie, Miss April Mahase or as Virtue Magazine likes to call her, miss April the Game Changer. Former radio and TV presenter, April, born Mpeoane Mahase shared with the magazine about her career, breathtaking experiences and what she has been up to.

Director at ESKS Media, MC and online English tutor miss April Mahase describes herself initially as the branch of the true vine (John 15:1-5), the problem solver born on the month Jesus Christ resurrected to save us from the slavery of sin. “I am evidently legendary so, but that’s a story for another day,” she cracks.

She is a self-motivated, enthusiastic individual who firmly believes in learning every day to advance on herself and on her skills. She robustly shares with the magazine that she has a pulsating longing to conquer all forms of liberty and she has recently developed a desire to aid others in transforming their dreams into an equivalent veracity.

It is without doubt that our #Mosali_Crush_Wednesday is a prevailing sword and that alone is able to keep her moving.

We asked April to share some of the highlights of her life and she lit up.

“I am actually glad you asked me this because boy…do I have a lot to tell you,” she exclaims.

This summer she was swept off her feet by a young lad of which she learned a lot from. “Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have met him.”

They had a long vacation that started in Cape Town, progressed to Port Elizabeth, East London, back to P. E then finally Bloemfontein and Maseru. During the vacation, they stayed in luxurious hotels including the Cape Royale Penthouse, the famous franchise Radisson blu in P. E, The Hilton Hotel, East London Premier hotel ICC, her favorite which is the Mykonos Club, the beautiful Greece in Western Cape.

How I envy the bubbly she popped and the beautiful experience she had, don’t we all? “I was shocked when I didn’t feel the need to post anything about the travels on social media, I just enjoyed every single moment.”

Another highlight she brought to the table was the establishment of ESKS Media, a rapidly growing media company that caters for services ranging from graphic design to photography and videography. She mentions that she was impressed about how her partners managed to do that much in a short time. She shares with Virtue Magazine that last month ESKS one of the director’s child’s birthday at Mohlomi mental Hospital together with an organic food supplier from Butha Buthe, Seroto farms donated fresh vegetables for the charity course.

“The experience was lovely. I can say I was attached to the patients because of their genuine love- summer 2018/19 was amazing.”

The biggest hardship April opened about is one not many people would admit to, but we admire her strength and courage to be frank about it. “My biggest hardship was not knowing who I was.”

She adds on by stating that when you lack true self-identification in Christ, anything can shake you. She recollects the times when criticism almost defined her and the struggle to get employment after graduating, the constant blame game she played with the country’s limitation to opportunity.

When asked who her role model was, she mentioned that she doesn’t have a specific one , but it would a panel of successful women, the likes of the Queen B- Bonang Matheba, Mary Kay and Oprah to mention a few.

So what are you working on currently Miss Barbie? 

“In all honesty, I am currently working on myself.”

What a powerful response!

We sneaked on her by asking her about her experience when she worked on radio in Cape Town and she promised to disclose it in the next feature. All she said was, there is a God.

“I haven’t exactly done radio or TV since I got back from Cape Town and I’ve evolved so much you’ll want to know me again.”

Well ladies and gentlemen, isn’t maturity and growth attractive and sexy?

She also shared about her tutorship at Bibo Global Opportunity of which is a platform for tutors all over the world, native and nonnative speakers to teach the global language- English, to Japanese students.

“It’s really a great way to make money and impact people’s lives in a positive manner.”

She reinforces this by ascertaining that she is able to assist people become successful , global citizens while also helping herself. She augments that she is extremely grateful to have come across it as it helped her realize deeper her identification in Christ. “I didn’t realize fully just how much of a privilege it is to be able to touch lives and be a role model until recently.”

She intends to use this privilege for the betterment of herself. Well, I hope you read this statement with your 6th sense. April shares that at the moment, she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight anymore as she is happy with what she has done for the industry- this is evident as we have seen her on our LTV screens and heard her on ultimate radio since 2013 .

Our lady is definitely a pioneer of the 21st century radio and TV for our current generation and she has amounted to inspiring people who are doing it now.

She ended by urging youth that look up to her by praying, having a desire, drawing out a definite plan of how they want their lives to be and having faith and self-assurance. All of these aspects are needed to sketching your dreams to an ultimate reality.

For more information about her, feel free to DM April on instagram (@aprilthebarbie) or sending an email to








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