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Rooted, headstrong entrepreneurs are the centre of the corporate world as the world continues to change

Rooted, headstrong entrepreneurs are the centre of the corporate world as the world continues to change. Big shot Entrepreneur and CEO Tajudeen Abolore Jaji proves that consistency, discipline and a whole lot of determination sows desirable seeds that bloom and birth a thousand stories for future generations to look up to.

Tajudeen describes his life experiences as a combination of early mornings and late nights- nothing in between.
Growing up in a family that taught its children to take care of the business at an early age, He learnt how to capture the goodness that came with managing his mom’s liquor store.The same things he learnt have found ways to reflect into his life as he is a CEO of Booth Bight Club, Booth Festival as well as Room 130 Bar and Lounge.Watching my mother work hard to look after my siblings and I taught me how to always stay focused,” he adds. Amongst all the other things he learnt whilst growing up, he was always motivated and moved by the need to do more. Knowing that there was no limit to success; that even the sky is not the highest frontier. This and that he also had siblings to look after one day helped build the booming entrepreneur we see today.

Apart from these, Tajudeen developed a desire to accomplish eloquent skills and knowledge- there can never be enough literature for a person willing to learn.
How it all started.
“Growing up in an environment where entrepreneurship is a must, being a businessman came as a second nature.”
The proof of his teachings yielded when he started off a Record Label- YCEO Entertainment in 2010. After the company struggled after 2 years, he sold his equipment to jumpstart a Logistics Company- Highland Movers in 2012. He continued to give heed to this second nature he acquired and bought a day spa and salon in 2014- Skin and Body Matters located in Fourways.

He mentions one of the highlights of his career as the celebration of 4 years in the cut-throat nightlife industry in the heart of Sandton, JHB and also the realization that the time for black owned business to flourish had set sail.

How are you able to stay ahead of your game?

“A solid dedicated team • An extreme level of focus • Attention to detail • A clear plan, strategy for whatever I need to achieve.” Business is a big part of his life as it has also shaped his personal life and of those around him. He has been able to assist those close to him to water their ventured and their brands. This is a mere example of rubbing the gifts to the lives he come across.
With his skills, he continues to build groups of competent professionals that not only grow into massive vineyards, but also those that impact the society.
Tajudeen also shares how his love for growth has breathed life into the projects he sets his mind to. One being his constant desire to give back to the youth of Africa through bursaries and academic funding which is another passion of his.
Growing up in a cultured atmosphere, I have attained a high level of discipline and focus.” Outstanding etiquette and gallantry gave him the ability to lead. Respect is however a two way street.

Fun Facts • Besides being a businessman, who are you?

Music lover, avid reader and lifelong student of life.

 Hobbies include ;

Movies, attending Polo events, participating in religious activities surrounding Islam •

What are the things that surround you that the world doesn’t know of?

Huge spiritual presence; loyalty and commitment•

Travel the world and make memories or stay at home and build?

Stay at home and build •

Favorite Book ;
The Secret •

On a day off, would you rather catch up with a friend or stay at home and regroup?
Stay at home and regroup •

After a trying day, would you read a book or take a long drive?

Take a long drive.

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