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Her journey without limits is evident enough that our #girlboss of the moment, Refiloe “Fify” Kobeli, as we know her on our social pages as Refiloe thee Tourist is most definitely living every girl’s dream in full HD-travel. Refiloe describes herself as a Travelpreneur.“If I’m not checking into some exotic island, sipping some colorful cocktail or taking a million pictures, you will find me stuck in front of some computer creating inspiring visual content or sending clients on vacations.”

Isn’t she a gem? Apart from travel she makes it her goal to give people an insider of her amazing world which is travel and a whole lot of fun. She first fell in love with travel in 2008 when she did her first USA trip- That’s right! Her first. It’s pretty clear she’s been there more than once! #YouGoGirl!

Refiloe (38) also defines herself as a girl from Sebokeng who rose from humble beginnings just trailing her deepest passion as we now know it. In her own words, she describes a Travelpreneur as someone that is not restricted at a fixed location.

“This means that they work remotely; whether from hometown, Jamaica, Thailand, Maldives or any other outlandish location- their business operates regardless.”

She states that she is also obsessed with history, museums, culture, adventure, beaches, breathtaking views, experimenting with different food and meeting new people.

Besides travel, Refiloe is a mom of 2 and is also a digital marketer for brands. So how does she manage blogging, mommying and travel at a single lifetime?

“Blogging is just sharing my travel experiences, so it comes naturally. I run my business from a laptop which allows the flexibility of being anywhere in the world.”

Her travel agency specializes in Leisure and Corporate travel and has just recently introduced groups due to high demand- she keeps killing it.

This is why Virtue Magazine describes her agency as different and vibey. She adds on that by defining different in a sense that they treat their clients as individuals offering them tailored experience according to their request and vibey in a sense that they have personalities and engage with their clients.

Refiloe also gives us an insight of how the business started and how it took off the ground.

“I was doing PR and Marketing for one very well-known cruise line in the States for 5years and that is where the travel bug bit me,” she shares.

When she got back to South Africa, she got a call from a leading travel agency offering her a job as a cruise specialist. They then put her through their program for a qualification in travel expertise.

“I worked for the company for 5 years and I eventually decided it was time to be independent and still get the operational support of which I’ll be forever grateful for,” she adds.

She shared with the magazine about the perks of travel and how hectic it is on the body as one is always chasing to see that waterfall and climb that mountain.- Always keep your health on point.

She adds on by stating that when travelling, one should always familiarize themselves with the destination of choice as cultures and laws differ, so it is wise to avoid getting into unnecessary trouble.

Top 3 places Refiloe would revisit again:

  • Mauritius for relaxing and its beauty
  • Thailand for adventure and nightlife
  • Turkey for food and shopping.

Refiloe Thee Tourist agency has introduced takeovers where the aim is to introduce Black South Africans to tourism.

“Our first takeover is in December in Cape Town and we already have +30 people coming with us.”

They are also planning to do this quarterly in different destinations- the movement is called @blacktrottersza #blacktrottersza

Refiloe ends by urging aspiring young Travelpreneurs to not conform to shortcuts but to study tourism courses, gather corporate experience then venture into independence.

“It takes time to build and be accredited but all worth it.”

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