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Nozipho- Empress at heart

Is there anything attractive than a woman who at best knows how to want it and get it? Virtue Magazine’s favorite Empress South Africa finalist, Nozipho Mashaba portrays just how easy it is for her to be self-driven and assertive for the benefit of not only her but also the youth in her community.

At only 25, she has consummated so much, and still feels the need to. She has had an undying love for pageantry at a young age but was bullied and rejected at castings due to her weight gain, that’s when she decided to take a different route and mentor young girls on pageantry, self-esteem, public speaking and debating.

“I’m proud to say, they have won numerous awards but one question that remained on one of the kids was when I, myself would take part in pageants.”

When one of the kids died, she took it upon herself to honor her memory by finally digging up the courage to take part in pageants of which have placed her as a semi-finalist of Empress South Africa 2019.

She shared with the magazine her intentions with Empress South Africa and it was simply to use her voice to influence the youth and empower them more than she has already.

Yes dear reader, Miss Mashaba has already begun.

She started an organization called The Unlimited Youth Development which is committed to embrace and promote respect and tolerance of cultural diversity. Through TUYD she strives to build confidence through coaching, training and inspiring the youth to become more active leaders in the community.

“I am involved in keeping our culture alive and as a role model, creating avenues for young individuals like me.”

She described her journey with Empress South Africa as beyond amazing and further explained that it has aided in her growth, moreover, forced her to move out of her comfort zone.

It’s so awe-inspiring to bump into a woman that has found growth through pageantry because it is through pageants that most women get to fathom their talents and gifts a little bit better.

“It has taught me that the 21st century can be fairly proclaimed the age of equality, not only of race but also of genders.”

Nozipho further explained that women are slowly conquering new potions and demonstrating their capability in all aspects that were rendered masculine.

She added also that the pageants has also taught her to be liberated and challenge herself to do more.

She mentions that her smile, good heart and love sets her apart from the other contestants. Her strongest point is being nothing but herself which is what we all believe is needed to be a genuine empress.

The title of Empress South Africa would help me to expand my territory, reaching out to every corner in South Africa and having TUYD as a national brand that aims at keeping the youth empowered.”

She believes that the best way to find oneself is to lose oneself in the service of others.

There is no doubt that she plans on being a game changer.

“If you want to see Nozipho in the finals, do vote for her by smsing Nozipho Mashaba at 35334”

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