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Not your ordinary Pageantry sensation.

Not only is she able to play muse to the women of her age group, but the amazing sassy Shamila Ramjawan is an overly inspiration to planet womanhood, making it her mandate to motion and embrace the perfect imperfections that come with being a woman.

Born February 4th, the reigning Mrs. Johannesburg channels her all to empowering the youth through various workshops. Most of these workshops are dedicated to menstrual health and hygiene.

Yes dear reader

Period Pride!

The idea prickled when she realized a dismal need to probe deeply in highlighting the menstrual cup as a viable solution for menstruation.

Now we all know how draining that time of the month can be, so consider switching that tampon or sanitary towel for a more convenient menstrual cup.

“Virtue Magazine acknowledges her strength, courage and willingness to dedicate her time to divulge in something as ‘intense’ as menstruation, something a lot of people would find too sensitive to even talk about- but it is part of womanhood and it’s time to embrace it.

“Disadvantaged girls miss school for up to 7 days in a month.”

Thus PrincessD Menstrual cup was birthed and launched in 2016.

It is currently available in over 20 countries and 50 pharmacies in South Africa and continues to change the lives of thousands of school girls through the “Keeping girls in school project” which hands out girls’ education on menstrual hygiene.

Did I mention PrincessD menstrual cups are eco-friendly, hygienic and cost effective too? If not, my bad; but ladies are you with me or not? Did we even see something so amazing of this sort being wholly possible?

Well, we thank you Shamila.

The phenomenal Shamila is a lecturer in Entrepreneurship at UNISA and is a renowned marketing guru having being employed in the Marketing and Communications industry for over 2 decades. This inspiring woman has two registered companies, Famram Solutions (marketing and communications solutions) which is co-owned by Caster Semenya and Famram Foundation (empowering, uplifting and providing CSI solutions enhancing socio-economic development).

Shamila is a published author and her second book is based on her adoration for motivational writing complied as over 300 quotes destined to be published as a ‘page a day’ diary.

Now could you woman crush ever?

“Shamila’s journey has been one of consistently breaking barriers.”

As a young widow, having single handedly raised 2 children while trying to figure out her voice in the world she uses her life story to  inspire more than just one type of woman but a whole lot of us.

She is a dynamic and energetic person who continuously thinks out of the box and her purpose is to make a difference in the world. She continues to raise the flag for every queen the world missed.

Her qualifications include:

  • Public Relations Diploma (P.R.P) from the Pietermaritzburg Technical College,
  • Marketing Diploma from Unisa,
  • BTech Marketing degree from Unisa,
  • MBA from Unisa Business School (SBL) in 2011 – her thesis was 2nd in the class of 2011, –
  • Management Development Programme (MDP) certificate from GIBS,
  • Leadership Development Programme (LDP) certificate from the Standard Bank Global Leadership (GLC).
  • “Published author.” Her book
  • “Marketing tools and strategies” was published in July 2013.
  • Certificate through Unisa: Department of Psychology in 2015, in “Capacity Building’ focusing on rural areas.” – obtained distinctions.
  • Lest we forget her reigning title as Mrs. Johannesburg 2019. 

One great aspect she outlined that has always aided her in reaching for whatever it is she sets her mind to is believing in herself and that she can do more than she did yesterday.

“It is what drives me to be a better person.”

She disclosed with the magazine that she is targeting to complete her doctorate in 3 years and of course, she is about to murder it.

Miss Shamila concluded by affirming women to work through the moments of self-doubt and to show people that they are successful despite the odds.

“It is important to tell your story and make people aware as to where you have come from.”


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