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Miss Heritage SA’s road to Ghana

We are reminded everyday by our deeper self to embrace our different callings. That urge that won’t go away until you finally take a path you’re destined to take regardless of what the calling may be. Virtue Magazine was introduced to a different kind of high and we would love to offer the same for you on a silver platter. Meet Ncwana Nobenathi as she gives us a glimpse of her journey to Miss Heritages Global.

Only aged 23, Miss Nobenathi has cooped up and secured her title as Miss Heritage 2019, now currently on her way to coop Miss Heritage Global 2019 to be held in Ghana. Surely you do understand that she doesn’t only represent South Africa, but she also represents something stronger and bigger than that.

People tend to forget to embrace heritage, their roots in some aspects of their artistry. To have someone have the courage to fearlessly strut what her Africa has given unto her is overwhelming on its own.

Key word given unto Miss Nobenathi- Fearless.

She discovered her calling in 2012 when she was in High school where she was crowned Miss J.S Skenjane and later on proceeded to take heed to her talents. This eventually gave her more titles including a first princess position at Miss Eastern Cape as her talents continued to unravel more.

‘’Being a contestant in Miss Heritage South Africa has been an amazing journey. I learnt a lot about myself and the heights I could reach with just being me.’’

She adds on of how much she learnt from the other contestants too including being surrounded by a variety of cultures- knowledge that will help her to manage journeying through Miss Heritage Global.

She has worked hard to make something noticeable about her title. Clearly for her, it doesn’t end on the day of the crowning and glory.

‘’I have been working hard to make something of the title, It’s been a learning experience.’’

Being Miss Heritage for her means that she did her absolute best to represent her culture the best way she could, effortlessly. Heritage paints and moulds us as Africans, something nobody can take from us even if we were to lose everything.

Ncwana is determined to offer them the heart of South Africa, as it is, no preservatives, and no additives. This can also be seen as a way to present the country’s heritage to the world for people who come from all different walks of life.

Bring that crown home!

How has this pageant affected you personally, mentally and physically?

‘’Personally, I’m just trying to stay positive and be the best version of myself. So it has taught me how to stay positive and that nothing worthwhile comes easy.’’

We all know when you stay optimistic and radiate positivity, the universe reciprocates and acts in kind. That alone is a powerful thing to learn regardless of what art one is chasing to pursue.

Miss Heritage SA added on how the competition fed her mentally by feeling the need to acquire more knowledge surrounding her heritage and also keeping an eye out on what is happening around the world.

‘’Physically, I’m trying to keep healthy and fit. Fortunately there’s no bikini category so there’s no pressure when it comes to body fitness.’’

South Africa is currently sitting at number, please keep voting to enhance chances of Ncwana winning


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