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Entrepreneurship through media

Limkwokwing University of Creative Technology Public Relations, Media & Broadcasting students proved that media serves as the core for entrepreneurship. The faculty held a brief seminar that aligned itself around rousing the youth through entrepreneurship, and Virtue Magazine can conclude that innovation has no limits.

The colloquium was held at Limkwokwing University grounds on Wednesday the 22nd of May 2019 by students assisted of faculty managers. This alone serves as an overwhelming conclusion that students are voiced and supported by their lecturers, quite rare if you ask.

The aim was to enthuse students about the fundamentals of feeding passion through entrepreneurship despite the unemployment rate spiraling in the country. It did not only affiliate itself with outlining the significance of mass media and broadcasting in climaxing business, but it also served as a platform for on the charts entrepreneurs to share their stories.

Guest speakers included the likes of Itumeleng Mothobi known as Boss Lady Leqa, Mr. C.E.O formally known as T’sepang Moiloa, Carol Motolo and Advocate Donald Ntsiki who were all offered a stand to share their experiences as the attempted to rise in the business world and how media served as 10steps more to the success of their individual  businesses.

What captivated Virtue Magazine was how their different stories were able to interlock to serve as meaningful instruction and motivation to everyone who was in the room. Entrepreneurs differ but they have one common goal, to leave a mark wherever they go.

As a famous phrase goes, the world owes you nothing.

One of the guest speakers’ T’sepang Mr. C.E.O. Moiloa urged students to find their niche as it is important to venture into something they loved instead of something they were made to believe they loved.

It might take time to realize to what extent one can handle a certain type of business idea but it is worth it in the end, as Boss Lady Leqa highlighted that,

“It is not a competition, just do your thing and the rest will fall into place.”

Most entrepreneurs fail to rise from the ground because they seemingly want to do what others in the game are doing. Advocate Ntsiki shared a time in his life when he was convinced to quit his job which led to the crumbling of his business.

“I was glad when I realized that it isn’t wrong to fund my business with my monthly salary. I was not obliged to let either drown.”

This points out to the ability of the human mind to achieve anything it sets it’s mind to.

If Advocate Ntsiki was able to find a balance between his business and work, then what’s stopping you?

Carol Motolo, founder of Carol Motolo Foundation and a rising author outlined how media was able to build her business and image. This strongly affirmed the students about the importance of their programme in the country as it shapes individuals and businesses alike.

I’m sure we can agree that media is the drive of almost every aspect in society, and in this case scenario, entrepreneurship. Successful businesses rely on media for branding, shaping and image which ultimately leads to the sprouting of a business.

The day was obviously fruitful and the world can now expect more from the youth of this country.



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