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Beauty, Brains and a whole lotta Game.

Beauty, Brains and a whole lotta Game.

Her connection to the great feminine shapes the very quality of the evolution of the country, breaking all stereotyped opinions, and above all rising in a time that the world is moving in a trajectory that sees women at a critical tipping point in our human history. Meet Mo Damane, as she shares with us the ups and downs of the awaited, anticipated launch of her new fragrance- Esther.

Mo Damane, an all-round entertainer, DJ, radio TV presenter, Model and artist manager and now abracadabrad into a rising entrepreneur was introduced into the entertainment bubble when she was 16, which is 16 years ago. She got introduced to television by a woman she says she highly respects and still does, Dineo Ranaka after she featured her on her TV show; Dineo’s Diary in season 2. Mo has also managed artists such as Thembi Seete, Khuli Chana, Tkzee to mention a few alongside Dream Team SA. We may also have seen her on our screens as she has presented the famous LTV show, Urban Jamz and heard her on air on multiple radio stations in Lesotho till 2018.

The Founder of That Gal’s Cosmetics shared the release of her new fragrance, Esther, awaited on the 19th April 2019 in Maseru. “The brand is a series of many things to come but we are starting with the fragrance.”

She adds on by saying that the thought of Esther came out from the Esther from the bible. This later expanded into (Est- established for her), and so Est-Her.

Esther is made of orange, grapefruit, gardenia, honey, patchouli and white floral- the very same ingredients that made That Gal fragrance but now with Vanilla, Tonka bean, Damascene rose and May rose as an added cherry on top for a more distinctive scent that represents power and bitter sweet maturity.

Mo says the idea of Esther came up in 2018 but it’s implementation came about in January.

“Finding a scent is all in a day’s work”, she stakes.

She worked with a manufacturing company in Johannesburg, the very same one that maneuvered That Gal fragrance and she would still love to work hand in hand with international manufacturing companies.

That Gal’s cosmetics was founded by our woman of the hour in 2015 while she was doing her 2nd year in Limkwokwing University of Creative Technology; her spur being Avon Cosmetics. The drive and hunger to start came from her earning income from a young age of 16. Additionally, enrolling in university by 27, a sole income being sponsorship funding by Manpower therefore creating a challenge. She adds on by telling Virtue Magazine that she used her 2nd year lump sum as a source of capital for That Gal- and so, her Gem was born.

She opens up about her experience in creating a name for herself in the corporate world. She explains how courage and persistence have always been a vital factor in sustaining both That Gal and her Academic prowess. 4 years deep in the business, already it hasn’t been easy even though the first two years were less heavy compared to the 3rd year when she had to pause the business so she could focus on completing her Honors degree.

According to Mo, That Gal’s mandate is to change the lives of Basotho women as well as those across the globe as it is very passionate about the immaculate girl child. It aims to empower young women with the enactment of ‘The She Empowerment Seminar’ and ‘Love that Girl’ charity which are still under construction, and also by offering women a platform to sustain a living through selling That Gal’s Cosmetics products. This is evident as her inspiration- Avon cosmetics has sales representatives across the globe that earn a living by selling products.

Esther is the second female brand of That Gal’s Cosmetics and she assures us that there is much more to be expected from this brand. She stated that this is only the beginning and there is a whole lot more to come from both That Gal and the Mogul in the making that is Mo Damane. She is definitely not at rest as she shares with us that she is currently writing a book and a whole lot more she has been working on.

Phenomenal Women will be remembered for something.

She ends with urging aspiring young entrepreneurs that the journey is not what is seen on instagram, it is not easy and requires sweat and hard work but above all, Perseverance.

“It doesn’t matter how hard it gets, giving up is never an option.”

Article by; Palesa Khotso

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