Hey World, Meet Shipa

We cannot argue with the fact that innovation is birthing from the youth of the country, let alone, brimming over to unimaginable heights. As an entrepreneur, one must always up their game to be seen, heard and be up to par with new and old, let alone potential clients. Who would’ve thought about an online clothing store in Lesotho, one that is convenient for clients who come from different…
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Nozipho- Empress at heart

Is there anything attractive than a woman who at best knows how to want it and get it? Virtue Magazine’s favorite Empress South Africa finalist, Nozipho Mashaba portrays just how easy it is for her to be self-driven and assertive for the benefit of not only her but also…

Not your ordinary Pageantry sensation.

Not only is she able to play muse to the women of her age group, but the amazing sassy Shamila Ramjawan is an overly inspiration to planet womanhood, making it her mandate to motion and embrace the perfect imperfections that come with being a woman. Born February 4th, the reigning Mrs. Johannesburg channels her all to empowering the youth through various workshops. Most of these workshops are…
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I bet we can all comprehend how almost impossible it is to juggle being a mother, a parent, let alone of a child with special needs. Despite this, members of The Tokelo Foundation know of no limits- not only to the lives of their children, but to also find time to pamper and…

Ways to spruce up your hot chocolate this Winter

Even though hot chocolate is admittedly already pretty great to begin with, we’ve rounded up six great tips for making your at-home cup of comfort even better. 1. Make your own… from scratch! If you have a bit time on your hands and don’t like the powdered stuff, opt…

Entrepreneurship through media

Limkwokwing University of Creative Technology Public Relations, Media & Broadcasting students proved that media serves as the core for entrepreneurship. The faculty held a brief seminar that aligned itself around rousing the youth through entrepreneurship, and Virtue Magazine can conclude that innovation has no limits. The colloquium was held at Limkwokwing University grounds on Wednesday the…
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Every time he writes about life, every page feels like a raindrop of history, every chapter feels like a decade of mixed emotions. Why? He was lost in a mirror and he tried Searching for an error,its not What he found that made him shiver but The cancer growing inside his…


The regimented Lesotho Fashion week brought a huge style galore to the streets of Lesotho, Maseru during the past weekend as it was on everyone’s lips before the event could climax. It is undoubtedly the future the fashion industry this country needs. What Virtue magazine…


Africa is gone. With tears evidently pledging to our hearts, This is a situation never to be comprehended, With peace we hope she recides, With love we cry she be welcomed. Her departure was too hasty, The process was cut short,for the Believe in her future was to bring more, But one day,we all going to be specks of dust Floating on endless matter and we going to be Forgotten. Without sanity,our…
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