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  • Africa is gone.

With tears evidently pledging to our hearts,
This is a situation never to be comprehended,
With peace we hope she recides,
With love we cry she be welcomed.

Her departure was too hasty,
The process was cut short,for the
Believe in her future was to bring more,
But one day,we all going to be specks of dust
Floating on endless matter and we going to be

Without sanity,our vanity has ignited on
Innocent souls,tormented them with no palliatives,
Unrelenting,our poor Lybia has lost lifes,
Belts tied around their necks,
Guns held to their heads.

You, Africa,in May 1963, you started to fade,
they tried to cross you out line in their memo
But i wish i could’ve raised you up completely,
eventhough i’m misunderstanding the definitions of death, parts of you still exist because i was told you had
Lumumba ,Patrice,Nkrumah and Thomas Sankara.

From Lybia to South Africa
From Somalia to Guinea Bissau,
We are imbibed in our own dislikeness,
We fail to see monuments of our
doctors ,teachers and leaders,
We long for happiness in complexity,
Instead of seeking refuge in simplicity.

We may have a short time span,
Buh atleast we still got a short story to tell,
Maybe the bravest thing we did was to be there
for you and appreciate your flaws.

Now lets think of her as living in the hearts
of those she touched, because nothing
loved is ever lost. R.I.P Africa.

Poem by Refiloe Motsamai

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