VIRTUE MAGAZINE AFRICA  is a fashion, lifestyle/entertainment magazine conceived as a resource material for relaxation, information, entertainment for today’s man and woman. The basic concept of the magazine is primarily to showcase the essence and vibrant energy of individuals,celebrities and fashion lovers from all over the world. It explores their values, achievements, expectations, fears and the various options available in their drive for self-actualization, through interviews, entertainment, fashion and beauty, lifestyle and lots more.


The core target of VIRTUE runs between the young, active, upwardly mobile executives and the mature, discerning and fun-loving readers of all ages, and status.


VIRTUE  is for today’s man and woman. It is a viable vehicle for advertising goods/services and ideas targeted at fashion and those who share ideas. And has become advertisers preferred medium to ride into the hearts of the real market.

Virtue Business Directory

The Virtue Magazine Business Directory is an online platform used to share traffic with businesses registered on the directory. With the Virtue Magazine website generating hits every month, we’d like to share a piece of this cake with you.

What are the benefits of registering my business on your online business directory?

  • Your business gets exposed to people in our network. Each month, we will get  visitors on our website.
  • You get first-hand knowledge of our specials and discounts.
  • Referrals for your business.
  • The business directory is our first go-to place when Virtue Magazine, partners and sponsors are in need of outsourcing services.
  • During the first month of registering on our Business Directory, we introduce you to followers of our social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Be prepared for some random posts on our social media pages about the developments in your business for the duration of your stay on our Business Directory.

What are the costs?

  1. A standard fee of R100 is required to register your business onto the Business Directory.
  2. A R50/month fee is payable to keep your business on the Directory. Example: if you register in April, you’ll only pay R100. Then from May onwards, you’ll pay R50 per month.
  3. Payment should be made on the same date each month.
  4. Notice about the cancellation of your membership should be communicated at least 10 days in advance.
  5. A 50% refund for membership cancellation is offered. This 50% will be from the monthly installment only.

Send an email with subject “Business Directory” to  and we’ll send you the full details.

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If you have a customer service inquiry or a question that needs to be answered you can contact us using the information below. We also welcome any suggestions and feedback you have that will help us improve the products and services. Please send us your queries by using our contact details or by filling out the form below.

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